Updated Trip Funding Actions

Posted by Focus Ministry on Nov 22, 2019 5:51:27 PM

Focus Missions give administrators the ability to make several actions with trip transactions. One of the most common actions is the transfering or assigning of funds. Because this is a heavily used feature, we decided to allow you to do these actions with unallocated trip funds! This functionaity to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.  Starting December 1, 2019, donations made to the overall trip will be designated as unallocated funds, meaning they have not been assigned to any particular team member. These funds may be added to any participant's account manually by the trip's administrator or be used at the organization's discretion. 

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Topics: Trip Management, Focus Missions, Allocating Funds

Extending MinistryPlatform Integrations

Posted by Chad Meyer on Oct 16, 2018 7:08:50 PM

As we strengthen the relationship between Focus Missions and MinistryPlatform, we continue to find new ways to help with syncing data between the two systems. Today we are able to announce that we now provide a way to track general donations to the trip and transfers between team members and trips to MinistryPlatform.

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Topics: Focus Missions, Ministry Platform, Allocating Funds

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