Do you have a standardized / replicable trip process?

Posted by Jared Romano on Sep 24, 2018 12:00:50 PM

Focus Missions has done our very best to dive down every rabbit hole in missions trip management to hopefully think of ways to make your trip management experience more manageable. 

In doing this for the last 4 years, one Pro Tip we always see our successful organizations doing is creating standardized trips. IE - Youth Trip, Domestic Trip, International Trip, etc. 

Before building your first trip to (insert country/location)... Stop, grab your team, and think about what a "successful" trip looks like for your organization. Do INTL trip have different requirements than domestic? Are there different age groups going on one trip vs. another? 

The goal of this exercise is to find your organizations true automated goal and replicate. Meaning... You should have trips in Setup Mode like... Domestic Trip Template, International Trip Template, Youth Ministry Trip Template. 
This will allow you to know what items you need to protect your ministry, help your participants, and host a successful trip. 

Now that you have your "Perfect Trip Templates", now CLONE that trip, and change that trip details to reflect where you are going. This makes it soooo much easier, efficient, and covers all your standard bases.
***Need to make a specific change to this trip... no problemo... go in and add an extra requirement. 

A standardized approach to Focus Missions will give your teams the true ability to thrive and grow in your missions department.

So... who's with me?! :-)



1.) Organize a team meeting

2.) In that team meeting, think through every application and requirement to make this TYPE of trip a success.

3.) Build a generic application and requirements to support the TYPE(s) of trip you host

4.) Have a standardized trip in SETUP MODE to easily go to DETAILS--> Clone to replicate your best practices

5.) Have an awesome trip process because now there are no surprises ;-)

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