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Posted by Chad Meyer on Feb 14, 2019 2:46:19 PM
Chad Meyer

In the spirit of Valentine's Day with our love for our churches and on improving, the team at Focus is really excited about a feature set to release next week. There is now the option to allow donors to continue to donate to the team member social fundraising page, even after the team member has reached their funding goal. The donor will continue to make donations to the team member, and in the back-end the transaction will be allocated appropriately while still showing the correct information to the team member so the team member can continue to thank their supporters.

Setting Up

When creating or editing the details of a trip, checking the option to "Allow fundraising past goal amount" will allow for donors to continue to donate from the team member's social fundraising screen.


The change comes into play when the donor goes to a team member's fundraising screen that is 100% funded. Without the above checked, the donor would be notified that the team member is funded and be encouraged to donate to the trip. With the above checked, the donor will be able to continue with the gift to the team member.

How it Works

The process of the donor creating the donation to the team member will continue to work the same as it would if the team member was not fully funded yet. After the donation happens, Focus will still create the line item in the team member's profile, but it will also immediately create a transfer donation and transfer the overage amount to the trip. This is not visible to team members, only admins.


showing transfer

The above screenshot shows on the team member's funding details screen, that the donation came in normal but the current balance is $0.00. That is because while the donation was done from the team member's social fundraising screen, because the team member reached their goal, the money was transferred to the trip.


Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 11.45.44

The audit log will show that the donation came in and then was transferred to the trip and that the user was "Focus Missions" indicating this was a system level transfer.

Annotation on 2019-1-4-1

The admin will see the donation transferred to the trip as well.

But what does the team member see?

The team member dashboard is changing slightly in order to properly display the reality of the fundraising. The team member will see a "Raised To Date" amount that will display all money that was raised by that team member. Also, the giving history will show those donations that were created from the team member's social fundraising screen even if the money is not allocated to the team member so the team member can continue to send thank you notes.

Annotation on 2019-1-4-2

And speaking of thank you notes, a little bonus is now a team member can click on the donor's name under giving history to get information about the donor to thank them. This will not show if the donor chose to be anonymous while giving.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 11.57.24

After many months of talking internally about adding this feature, we came to the conclusion that this makes perfect sense to allow this option. We are thankful to the community for expressing the need for this and we hope we meet, if not exceed, your expectations. We eagerly wait to see how this is used to grow God's Kingdom!

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